Congratulations Vivid!

GIYA G3 snatched the ultimate accolade this year from Stereophile’s POTY awards: Emerged as the winner for Stereophile Magazine’s 2014 Overall Product of the Year Award, along with being the co-winner of Product of the Year Award in the Loudspeaker category.

Constellation Inspiration

The audio-engineering dream team at Constellation Audio is at it again. With a stable of engineers and designers composed of some of the hi-fi industry’s most renowned names, the Southern California began shipping its new affordable Inspiration Series, which comprises a preamplifier, stereo power amplifier, and monoblock power amplifier.

Magico S3

We invite you to hear the amazing new Magico S3. An engineering and sonic masterpiece that simply must be heard.

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Which Devialet is for you?

"Devialet's D-Premier amplifier is the most extraordinary product I have reviewed for Stereophile. Superb sound quality, future-proof design, everything you need in one box—it is the epitome of what a high-end audio product should be. Wow!" John Atkinson - Stereophile

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Magico S1

Magico, is pleased to announce its newest and most value-laden loudspeaker yet, the S1. Following the recent introduction of the already-renowned S5, its smaller sibling, the S1, offers Magico performance at a price point never before attainable.

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The epitome of American craftsmanship!!

Magico opens their new state of the art 20,000 square foot facility in Hayward California. Take a peek!

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Constellation Audio

Constellation Audio was founded on the premise that one cannot create something extraordinary through slavish adherence to established methods. When tradition is the best path, we embrace it. When new technology is necessary to achieve the performance we want, we invent it.

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Widealab Aurender

Multipurpose computers are no match for a dedicated, purpose-built high-end component like the Aurender S10.

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Raidho Acoustics

DMA welcomes Raidho Acoustics to our esteemed product lineup. Hand made proprietary drivers, peerless Danish craftsmanship, exceptional design, and amazing sound quality.

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Harbeth Monitor 30.1

Harbeth, yet again, redefines the quintessential British monitor!

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Magico Q7

"For right now, we all have to live with these facts: The Q7 is very expensive. It’s very big. It comes only in black. And it’s the best loudspeaker available today".. . . Jeff Fritz (UltraAudio)

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Magico Q1

The Magico Q1 is the 2-way monitor that has never before been built. By Magico or any other. Simply the finest monitor on the planet.

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Vivid Audio

Almost every part of each Vivid Audio model is unique and not to be found in any other loudspeaker. No element is taken for granted; innovation and new methods of analysis are used to extract the highest levels of performance from every component.

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Magico S5

Purpose built to obliterate comparably priced competition, the S5 is a loudspeaker tour de force. The S5 has an all aluminum enclosure, beryllium-dome tweeter, Nano-Tec midrange, and two 10” "hybrid" Nano-Tec woofers. Bass response thats powerful, deep and far more accurate than the competition.

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At David Michael Audio it is all about the creation of great music through cutting edge technology and equipment. Music is at the heart of why we created the business and it guides our thinking around what products we carry and services we offer. Equipment and specifications are fun to talk about but they are a means to an ends; that being music that moves the heart and soul of the listener.

Systems Thinking

There are plenty of great individual audio components out there, but it is finding the right combination of components that makes a great audio system. Finding this synergy between components takes a music system from just good to exemplary. Not only do we only carry the best audio components available, but at David Michael Audio we take the time to connect all the pieces of the audio puzzle to help our customers create the perfect audio system regardless of the budget.


First it was vinyl, than cassettes and eight track tapes, then CD’s, SACD’s, DVD Audio. Now it is back to vinyl and high resolution computer audio. The landscape of audio is changing often and quickly. We stay on top of today’s leading edge technology to bring you the best in current thinking and equipment so you can be assured you are hearing the latest in state of the art audio reproduction.


Before we created David Michael Audio, we were audiophiles ourselves. We built Dynaco and Heathkit radios in high school, and while other kids we playing sports, we were listening to great music and dreaming of owning high end systems some day. We got into the business because of our love for music and audio equipment, and this passion and the expertise we have developed over the years assures our customers that we will do everything we can to satisfy them.