Raidho X Monitor LE

Raidho X Monitor LE 2-Way loudspeaker

MSRP: $6,000 (black/silver)

Another concept speaker, the Raidho X-Monitor, although it is the smallest of the Raidho speakers, reflects all of the design, construction and performance philosophy of the entire Raidho line.

Utilizing the same Raidho planar tweeter and the equally fast Ceramic mid/bass driver found in all the speakers, the soundstage, definition, dynamics, and emotion generated by the X-Baby set a new standard for a compact, stand-mounted monitor.

The crossover, alignment of the drivers and the polyurethane foam coupling element of the tweeter combine to yield exceptional phase and time coherence together with a grandeur of presentation that belies the compact size of the entry-level Raidho.

Stand mount bookshelf speaker. Size: 345 x 180 x 280 mm Weight: 12 Kg

Freq. response: 50 Hz-50 KHz

Impedance: 6 ohm Sensitivity: 87 dB 2.83 V/m

Crossover: 3.5 KHz 2.

Order Enclosure: Vented design Port in the rear panel

Drive units: 1. sealed ribbon tweeter 1. 100 mm ceramic mid/base driver

Finish: Black piano

Amplification: >> 50 W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)